China Mobile enters esports arena with first competition after getting 5G licence

After being one of the first companies to receive 5G licences for commercial use in China last month, China Mobile announced their first foray into esports competitions in partnership with TJ Sports, Blizzard Entertainment and NetEase.

According to Sina.com, the competition, which will run from July until November 2019, will focus on two games, League of Legends, run by TJ Sports, and Hearthstone, which is published by Blizzard Entertainment and distributed by NetEase in China.

TJ Sports is a joint venture in Shanghai by game publisher Tencent and Riot Games focused on all League of Legends esports business in China.

With a prize pool of RMB1m (€129,000/$146,000), the competition will be marketed to 50 main cities in China, and is expected to reach over 100 million users.

Zhang Dong, marketing director of China Mobile said the competition will use Gigabit’s 5G network and bandwidth for the event, live streaming in 5G+4K Ultra HD online, and provide new interactive experiences such as AI video editing and commentary.

The telco will also launch an esports exclusive mobile package that includes 40GB of phone data and monthly in-game rewards for the two games.