Chengdu to host first-ever Urban Cycling World Championships

The International Cycling Union (UCI) has announced that the inaugural edition of its Urban Cycling World Championships will take place in the Chinese city of Chengdu later this year.

The event, which will combine the Mountain Bike Eliminator (XCE), Trials and BMX Freestyle Park disciplines, will run from November 8-12.

Leading cyclists from each of the three disciplines will compete for the title of world champion, with the UCI stating that the event will be supported by a “significant” prize fund.

China had already been guaranteed hosting rights to the first three editions of the tournament through a wide-ranging agreement signed last year between the UCI and the Wanda Sports division of Chinese conglomerate Dalian Wanda.

XCE operates under a four-cross format and is contested on a cross-country, Olympic-style course. BMX Freestyle Park is practiced in skateparks, with riders judged on the difficulty, originality and style of their tricks. The Trials discipline requires riders to negotiate a series of obstacles without any part of the bicycle touching the ground except the wheels.

The event will open with the Trials competition from November 8-11, with BMX Freestyle Park to be held from November 10-12. The XCE competition will serve as the finale of the event.

UCI president Brian Cookson said: “It is the UCI’s mission to invest in and develop cycling disciplines that complement our traditional disciplines and help shape the future of our sport. Trials, BMX Freestyle Park and Mountain Bike Eliminator are three spectacular and already popular disciplines that adapt perfectly to urban settings and provide a thrilling show for spectators.

“The UCI Urban Cycling World Championships will provide them with an ideal showcase to help them grow even further and reach a still wider audience.”