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Cheltenham wins landmark ruling in victory over ticket touts

Cheltenham Racecourse has won a ground-breaking High Court battle that will see ticket touts banned from the track, in a move that will have significant implications for the illegal ticketing market across the UK.

The court granted an interlocutory injunction against ticket touting at Cheltenham with immediate effect through to June 2019, covering the entirety of the racecourse’s season which begins tomorrow.

The decision makes it illegal for third parties to sell tickets for Cheltenham races on racecourse property, and represents a major victory over ticket touts.

More than 150 touts were thought to be in operation during this year’s Cheltenham Festival in March, and are estimated to cost the Jockey Club, which operates the track, up to £1m (€1.3m/$1.3m) annually.

The injunction will have been watched with interest by other major rights-holders in the UK such as Wimbledon and the Six Nations rugby tournament, which also lose several million pounds a year in revenue to illegal ticket resellers.