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Champions League boosts British clubs’ revenues

Winners Manchester United netted £33.9 million, runners-up Chelsea £28.7 million, Liverpool £21.1 million and Arsenal £18.3 million.

Scottish clubs Celtic earned £10.3 million and Rangers earned £7.7 million, which was topped up by £4.1m from reaching the Uefa Cup final.

And according to UK media reports, UEFA may try to implement changes to the revenue structure.

UEFA spokesperson William Gaillard told the BBC: “We are well aware there are some imbalances in the revenue distribution which have a negative effect in national leagues by widening the gap between the rich and not so rich.

“We will talk to the clubs and see how they feel, and try to convince them that in the longer run it is not in their interest if, because of the way money is distributed, national leagues become too imbalanced.