CFA signs memorandum of cooperation with NFABD

On Monday, newly-appointed chairman of the Chinese Football Association Chen Yuyuan, met with the president of the National Football Association of Brunei Darussalam, Prince Sufri Bolkiah, and signed a memorandum of cooperation between their organisations.

The agreement covers a range of fields including events, technical cooperation, management and business partnerships, and establishes an overall framework for strengthening cooperation between the two countries, which will, according to the CFA, “exchange ideas and jointly promote the development of football.”

The CFA’s vice-chairman Du Zhaocai, Liu Wei, secretary-general, and deputy secretary-general and minister of foreign exchange, Luo Wei, were also present at the meeting.

In late August the CFA underwent a leadership reshuffle as  part of the changes made after the Chinese government released a plan to reform the country’s football scene in 2015. As such, those experienced in football and sport management have been drafted in to evolve the leadership beyond being merely an administrative body.

Speaking right after the congress Yi Rentao, part of a new 35-member executive committee, and the chairman of the Chinese media company Wuhan DDMC Culture Company, said to local media that the CFA aims to expand the influence of Chinese companies and the Chinese football industry in Asian football, and will invite the Asian Football Confederation leadership to visit China later this year.