Camp Nou sets European first with 5G coverage

Barcelona’s Camp Nou is set for internal 5G coverage in a move the Spanish LaLiga club claims will be a first for a European football stadium.

The announcement was made yesterday (Tuesday) during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The club has teamed up with telco Telefónica and mobile industry body the GSMA on the project.

The initiative will see 5G technology deployed in the stands and on the playing field at the Camp Nou, which is set to undergo renovation work to increase its capacity to 105,000.

The project will use Telefónica’s commercial band and a standard 3GPP Ericsson network and will provide fans watching at home with a more immersive experience. The placement of 360-degree cameras around the Camp Nou will capture footage that can be relayed to any home viewer, who can watch the match using virtual-reality glasses from any viewpoint in the stadium.

Meanwhile, Italian telco TIM has premiered 4.5G technology in Rome’s Stadio Olimpico and Udine’s Dacia Arena as it paves the way for the two venues to offer 5G capacity.

TIM has partnered with JMA Wireless on the initiative, which it says is a response to the growing demand for greater connectivity and to guarantee an ever-increasing digital experience for customers.

The Stadio Olimpico is the home ground of Serie A teams Lazio and Roma, with Udinese playing at Dacia Arena.