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Brøndby to use Panasonic facial recognition tech at stadium

Japanese electronics company Panasonic announced that its security cameras are running facial recognition software at the stadium of Danish Superliga club Brøndby IF.

The new cameras will red-flag faces of those banned from stadium grounds, and according to Panasonic will recognise faces from photographs taken ten years ago, and even when part of the face is concealed or hidden by sunglasses.

This will decrease congestion at stadium entry points as Panasonic’s FacePro facial recognition software will spot those blacklisted before they reach the turnstiles, decreasing the number of disruptions for those entering the stadium.

Jesper Jørgensen, managing director of Brøndby said, “The system will significantly increase our efficiency in identifying blacklisted persons at our entrance gates, so we can ensure they do not enter the stadium. We are always trying to optimise our stadium experience for our fans, and ultimately create the best possible fan experience. This is another step into the right direction.”

Several other football clubs in the world are also testing variations of the same facial recognition technology. Herta, a company specialising in facial recognition software, has implemented its technology at different football stadiums in Uruguay.

Earlier this week, English Premier League club Manchester City moved to play down reports that it will seek to employ facial recognition technology to aid ticketing systems at its Etihad Stadium.