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Brittany Bowlen declares interest in taking over Denver Broncos

Brittany Bowlen, the 28-year-old daughter of Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen, has declared for the first time that she wants to become the controlling owner of the NFL franchise.

Due to Pat Bowlen’s ill health, the Broncos are in the hands of a trust, which will decide the team’s future controlling owner. Strict educational and business experience is required, including five years’ experience with the league or team.

Earlier this year, daughter Beth Bowlen Wallace declared her intentions to become the controlling owner but the trust said she “is not capable or qualified at this time”.

Brittany Bowlen has not yet met the requirements but she is the seeming front-runner due to her wealth of experience already, including working in the NFL offices.

She said at the weekend: “I do have ambitions and goals to one day become the controlling owner of the Denver Broncos and I’ll keep working towards those goals. I’m not there yet, but I really believe I can get there.’’