Brewers taking steps to keep Cubs fans from Miller Park

Although Milwaukee and Chicago are only separated by about 75 miles of interstate highway, the Milwaukee Brewers at taking extraordinary steps to prevent Cubs fans from filling up Miller Park, the Brewers’ home ground.

The Brewers will host the Cubs ten times this season and will only offer tickets to residents of Wisconsin. Last season, the two teams finished tied for the NL Central crown at the end of the Regular Season with the Brewers winning a one game playoff in Chicago to advance to the National League playoffs.

“If last season’s Game 163 taught us anything, it’s that every single game matters – especially in a rivalry like this. And, while we don’t dislike all Cubs fans, we just really prefer when Miller Park is packed to the brim with Brewers faithful,” the club’s statement read.

The Brewers and Cubs are once again tipped to battle for top honors in the NL Central during 2019.