Blatter gags bribe claims

He won the ruling from the local court in Meilen after a petition issued by the FIFA president.

The court judged the accusations, which Addo has yet to prove, as inflicting substantial damage on Blatter’s personal rights, particularly in view of the fact that Addo had waited four years to go public.

Farah Addo is also being sued by Mohammed Bin Hammam (Qatar), member of the FIFA Executive Committee, in Cairo, Addo’s city of residence. Moreover, the FIFA Disciplinary Committee has also initiated proceedings against Addo.

During the current presidential campaign, the Somalian association president had stated that Mohammed Bin Hamman had bestowed financial gifts upon officials from different African associations before the presidential election in 1998 in order to secure their vote for Blatter.

Mohamed Ali Hersi, at that time vice president of the Somalian Football Association and member of the delegation of the Somali Football Association at the FIFA Congress in Paris, has contradicted Addo’s declaration in a written statement and is prepared to testify against him in court.