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Bordeaux shirt sponsor activates suspension clause, Rennes sponsor considers options

(Photo by Romain Biard/Icon Sport via Getty Images)

French restaurant chain Bistro Régent has suspended its main shirt sponsorship deal with Ligue 1 club Girondins de Bordeaux because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is understood that Bistro Régent was able to activate a clause in its contract that allowed for the sponsorship’s suspension in the case of a proven health crisis.

Bistro Régent owner Marc Vanhove told L’Équipe: “Do not ask me why I put  it [the clause] in. I did not know that this was going to happen. In any case, it will be my decision. If I have to choose at some point, I will obviously favour Bistro Régent’s financial well-being.

“I too have a business, and I no longer have money coming in. We will see about compensation depending on the resumption date. Everything depends on when things get back underway. If we lose 40 per cent of turnover over a six-month period…”

Bistro Régent’s current deal with the club is thought to be worth about €1.4m ($1.5m) per year until the end of the 2022-23 season.

Also in Ligue 1, there are concerns that cleaning services provider Samsic, the main shirt sponsor of Stade Rennais, is considering its payment options should the league season not be concluded. The current deal is thought to be worth about €2.5m to the club.

Christian Roulleau, founder of Samsic told French news sources: “We would pay what we have to if the league ended. But if it doesn’t come to an end, we will have to discuss it. We are also in difficulty, these are not easy moments to pass.”

One club without such immediate concerns is the championship leader Paris Saint-Germain. Although the hotel sector has been badly hit by Covid-19, the Accor hotel group has already paid the €65m to €70m provided for in its main shirt contract this season.

However Accor chief Sebastien Bazin has suggested that next season’s agreement would be scrutinised if the league did not resume.

Bazin told the RMC Sport website: “Our payments [per year] are in two instalments.  We last paid in January. Regarding July, the leagues must resume. If not, [the next instalment] will probably not be paid.”