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Beijing 2022 ski jumping venue to become world’s first permanent course

The ski jumping venue for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games will become the world’s first permanent ski jumping course when it is built according to the local Shijingshan district government.

The main structure and fit-out of the Zhangjiakou venue are scheduled to be finished and ready to host test events at the end of this year.

The ski jumping course is 164 meters long, measuring 34 meters at the widest part of the track and 60 meters at its peak. The construction project covers 117,481 square meters of land and incorporates hotels and a research and development centre. Some of the project includes the renovation of existing structures, including disused steel factories, while 74,117 square meters of land have been set aside for new buildings.

The venue has been earmarked as an important legacy of the 2022 Games. The ski jumping infrastructure will be kept for training and competition events, while the area will be used for summer activities such as zip-line rides and grass skiing. The facility is also designed to host concerts.