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Beijing 2022 invites Official Suppliers

The organisers of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics have invited companies to bid for official supplier contracts in several categories.

Last week, the organising committee issued an invite for suppliers of packaged snacks. The week before, it invited brand designers to apply for an official designation. Last month, it invited paint suppliers.

Beijing 2022 has two tiers of supplier – Official Exclusive Supplier and Official Supplier. These are the third and fourth rungs, respectively, in a four-tier sponsorship programme topped by Official Partners, and with Official Sponsors on the second level. All three of the recent invites are for third-tier Official Supplier deals.

The packaged snacks category is limited to “baked bread, dried fruits and snacks based on potato, rice, wheat and corn”. Companies interested in the designation must send a letter of intent to the OC by Friday, April 24.

The brand design services supplier must send a letter of intent by this Friday, April 17. The paint supplier letter of intent was to be received by the OC by March 27.

All three invites require bidders to have “a good social image, business reputation and performance”, and “strong economic strength, financial and technical capabilities”.