Barcelona claims legal wins against Mediapro

The Camp Nou ahead of the UEFA Champions League match between FC Barcelona and Borussia Dortmund (by David Ramos/Getty Images)

FC Barcelona has claimed victory against Mediapro with regards two legal cases the agency filed against the Spanish LaLiga football club.

Mediapro’s first claim relates to the agency’s pursuit of €1,433,861 ($1.6m) in damages and losses from what it believed was a breach of contract with regards an advertising agreement signed between the two parties.

Barcelona said that the contract, signed in February 2016, granted Mediapro the right to utilise for advertising purposes content from Camp Nou television channel ‘U’ in exchange for a payment of €1.6m. However, Barcelona then sought to recover these rights, leading to Mediapro’s legal action and a subsequent counterclaim from the club.

Barcelona has announced that a ruling from a court in the city has fallen in its favour, adding that Mediapro must now pay the club €1,252,034 in damages.

A club statement read: “Regarding the breach of the contract for the transfer of advertising law and the claim of damages for loss of profit filed by Mediapro, the ruling determined that the recovery of this advertising right exercised by FC Barcelona was made in a timely manner, in good faith, in a lawful, necessary way and in no way harmed Mediapro.”

In the second case, Barcelona said a city court has agreed to a provisional dismissal of a case brought forward by Mediapro and its chief executive, Jaume Roures, with regards alleged espionage.

According to the club, Roures and Mediapro had claimed Barcelona had engaged in acts contrary to personal privacy, disclosure of business secrets and aggravated theft.

Barcelona added: “The court concluded that the result of the investigation proceedings carried out does not allow for the existence of sufficient evidence of criminality regarding the participation of the club in the events and, therefore, of the commission of the crimes that are charged in the complaint.”