Baltimore Orioles look to draw fans by hosting first concert at Camden Yards

Camden Yards will end 25 years of being a baseball-only venue this summer when the Baltimore Orioles’ ballpark will host its first standalone concert.

Billy Joel will play at the venue on July 26 when the Orioles are scheduled to be on a long west-coast swing.

It follows a partnership between Orioles Entertainment and the concert promoter Live Nation.

“It all registers the same bottom line,” the Orioles’ executive vice-president John Angelos said. “To get people coming here, sampling baseball, coming to Camden Yards, going to the harbor and being in Baltimore.”

“If you can get somebody coming here for Billy Joel…all different genres of music, a lot of those people are baseball fans,” he added. “If you can introduce someone to music through baseball or baseball from music, why wouldn’t you do that? I think you do that in a down year, a middle year or an up year on the field. I think it’s something you do because we’re in the entertainment business.”

Camden Yards’ attendance dropped severely in 2018, from 2.028 million fans in 2017 to 1.564 million last year.