Bhichai, who presided over the 13th Games chefs de mission meeting on Thursday at the Imperial Queen’s Park hotel, said the withdrawals of teams by some countries after the drawing ceremony had affected the host country’s preparations for the Games in many aspects. Yemen, Oman and Bangladesh recently withdrew their teams from some events.

?When teams withdraw from the competition after the deadline the technical committee is directly affected,? the deputy premier said.

?The committee will have to revise competition schedules, while TV broadcast schedules will also need to be adjusted,? the Bagoc chief added.

More withdrawals are expected before the Nov 6 deadline for submitting entry forms expires. Nepal is likely to withdraw their women’s football team and men’s volleyball squad from the Games.

?The financial situation in our country forces us to select only teams with a good record for the Games. But we will not finalise our decision until Nov 6,? said Nepal’s chef de mission Biscohnath Sapkota.

?Even though we have been faced with many difficulties, most of them due to the financial crisis, we solve them the best we can in all areas,? Bhichai said.

?However, we believe that both the success and the difficulties faced in the organisation of the Games will serve as cases for study for the OCA and the hosts of the future Games.?

Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) general director Abdul Muttaleb Ahmad, said he and the OCA executive committee were working on a regulation to prevent such withdrawals after the drawing ceremony.

?There have been some withdrawals from team events because of the financial crisis in Asian countries. One withdrawal can cause a big problem in many aspects if OCA does not implement a regulation to prevent such situations,? the OCA general director said.

Nevertheless, the OCA measure would not be extremely severe such as banning the withdrawing team from the future Games competitions.

?We do not want to ban teams from the Games simply because they have withdrawn from an event or two. The punishment is more likely to be a fine,? the OCA executive said.