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Arsenal sign Intel extension after strong interest in highlights content

(Photo by Neil Hall/Pool via Getty Images)

English Premier League (EPL) club Arsenal has signed a renewal of its sponsorship contract with technology specialists Intel Sports.

The brand first joined Arsenal’s sponsorship portfolio at the start of the 2019-20 season and has now agreed a two-year extension of its deal with the club.

As detailed by SportBusiness Soccer, the initial two year contract between the two organisations was worth £500,000 (€552,780/ $651,750) per season.

A renewal to the deal is understood to have been signed earlier in 2020, though a formal announcement has been delayed until now.

As part of the deal, Intel provides its technology services to support Arsenal’s matchday highlights offering.

The brand uses its True View technology, allowing supporters to to freeze match action and view 360-degree replays from a player’s perspective.

Arsenal indicates it has seen a 90 per-cent increase in fans revisiting this type of content when compared to other match highlights.

The two organisations have also collaborated on the Pandemic Response Technology Initiative during the Covid-19 outbreak, donating 250 laptops to local schoolchildren.

“This transformative technology has redefined how we watch back the game that we all love, and we are excited to work with Intel on future innovations that will further enhance the experience for our global fanbase.”

Intel’s sponsorship presence in the EPL extends to an agreement with Manchester City, also a two-season contract, which was renewed in June 2020 and one with Liverpool which is thought to expire at the end of next season.

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