Arsenal sets UK first with Emirates Stadium battery system

English Premier League football club Arsenal has announced the installation of Emirates Stadium’s new battery storage system (BSS), the largest of its kind at a UK sports venue.

The BSS has been developed by UK-based Pivot Power, with funding support having been provided by investment manager Downing LLP and facilitated by Octopus Energy, the club’s official renewable energy partner.

Arsenal said the BSS will store enough energy to power Emirates Stadium for an entire match. Once additional storage is added next summer, the 180 sq. m device will have a 3MW/3.7MWh capacity.

Arsenal managing director Vinai Venkatesham said: “This is a big step forwards for us in being efficient with energy usage, and building on our work in reducing our carbon footprint as an organisation. We have been powered by green energy since 2017 thanks to Octopus Energy, and the battery storage system will support our efforts further.”

The installation of the BSS comes with Arsenal having stepped up its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and environmental impact, with around 80 per cent of the club’s match-day waste now being recycled.

Pivot Power chief executive Matt Allen added: “Arsenal is showing how football clubs and other big power users can save money and support government plans to meet climate change targets. Batteries are central to creating a cost-effective, low-carbon economy and we are keen to help government, local authorities and businesses seize the opportunities they offer.”

Pivot Power will operate the BSS for 15 years. The battery will generate income by providing services to National Grid to help it balance supply and demand, which will be shared between Pivot Power, Downing LLP and the club.