Archery becomes latest sport to announce Indian franchise league

The Archery Association of India said it is planning to this year launch both a franchise team-based league and a nationwide grassroots competition.

News website InsideSport.co reported that AAI secretary-general Pramod Chandurkar said: “The main objective of the IAL (Indian Archery League) is to popularise and commercialise the sport. It’s been an individual sport but here it will be a team sport. It’s yet to be confirmed but we want to start this by November-December.” The project is being overseen by former AAI secretary Anil Kamineni.

The grassroots competition would involve 10,000 archers, from 700 districts across the country, competing in Ranchi, the capital of the state of Jharkhan, in May or June.“It’s a mass archery project,” Chandurkar said. “The main purpose is to spot talents at grassroots level.”