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Paris 2012 has pointed to the summary of the report which describes its candidature file and the information provided to the commission, as of a “very high quality”.

Bertrand DelanoC+, president of Paris 2012 and Paris Mayor, said: “Since the very beginning Paris 2012 has chosen to respond to all of the International Olympic Committee’s recommendations, as outlined during its session, held in Prague in 2003. That’s why everything in this report is dedicated to sport, Olympic values and is inspired by the athletes.”

Philippe Baudillon, CEO of Paris 2012, insisted that the bid team would continue to work hard ahead of the vote on July 6: “We still however have to convince the IOC that our vision is the correct one and that Paris could be the right partner at the right time for the IOC.”

During a press conference the London 2012 team said the comments about London 2012 were “very, very positive”. Bid chairman Sebastian Coe said the report demonstrated how the bid team had acted on observations made by the first evaluation assessment, and that it provided a “springboard” to “continue to build on the momentum gathered over the past 12 months”.

He said that the partnerships between the government, greater London Authority and British Olympic Association were of a high quality and paid tribute to the strengthening of areas previously identified as weak, such as transport and public support.

In a press release Madrid 2012 has emphasised the report’s positive comments including its “high quality presentations” given during the commission’s inspection visit to Madrid.

It highlighted the fact that the report states there would be “significant environmental legacies” with the rehabilitation of large areas into new parks and green zones.

Moscow deputy mayor and chairman of Moscow 2012, Valery Shantsev, welcomed the commission’s report and announced the publication of a new report by international consultancy, BDG Unicon, on the Moscow City Master Plan. The report stated that Moscow is on schedule to complete its infrastructure plans that would exceed IOC requirements.

He said: “Each of the five wonderful bidding cities would host spectacular Games in 2012. But the choice of one of these cities would help change the world and a nation and impact both in an unparalleled manner. And in an ever more complex world, would also help to unite East and West. That historic choice is Moscow.”

Daniel Doctoroff, founder of NYC2012, had said yesterday “the report makes clear that this race is neck and neck and that New York is firmly on the top tier”. However, the New York bid has since been dealt a major blow with news that public funding has not been made available for its Olympic Stadium, following a vote yesterday.