SportBusiness Intelligence

Bespoke consultancy and research

SportBusiness Intelligence

SportBusiness Intelligence, the market intelligence and consultancy division at SportBusiness Group, provides specialist services for clients in the sports business industry, utilising the rich archive of information on commercial deals agreed in the various sectors, collected by the group’s publishing arms.

Our service

SportBusiness Intelligence specialises in the audiovisual and sponsorship sectors, providing clients from rights-holders to agencies to content buyers with a suite of services including:

  • rights valuation/fees
  • rights availability
  • analysis of market landscapes (by territory, by sector, by sport, by property)
  • strategic advisory on the selling and/or buying of rights
  • television ratings


Understanding the audiovisual sports rights sector requires many years of experience, knowledge and an excellent network of contacts in the industry. SportBusiness Intelligence has all these attributes to give your company the competitive edge in this sector.

SportBusiness Group owns the highly regarded TV Sports Markets newsletter, the world’s only publication which covers the audiovisual sports rights market. With exclusive access to the TV Sports Markets database, plus SportBusiness Intelligence’s own knowledge and experience of the sector and unique network of industry contacts, we have a comprehensive knowledge of the audiovisual rights market.

Unlike some other major management consulting firms, which cover the media sector, our team is embedded in the sports media industry. Our in-house experts combine with our affiliated worldwide network of independent consultants working actively in the market on behalf of clients, negotiating with both content buyers and sellers from around the world, bringing a unique level of business experience and insight to the SportBusiness Intelligence offering.


Utilising the vast archive of sponsorship information gathered through the SportBusiness Group’s various publishing arms, in particular, the recently rebranded Sports Sponsorship Insider service, and drawing on its network of consultants, SportBusiness Intelligence offers consulting support to rights-holders, agencies and brands in areas of:

  • market intelligence and data analysis
  • training
  • facilitation
  • coaching
  • strategy

SportBusiness Intelligence helps rights-holders value the market for sponsorship by benchmarking against the value of deals for other properties, assists agencies in the evaluation of television audiences and associated sponsorship exposure, and supports brands in the identification of new opportunities and the development of their acquisition strategies.

How we work

SportBusiness Intelligence has full and unrestricted access to all market intelligence gathered by the various publications of the SportBusiness Group, including TV Sports Markets, SportBusiness International and Sports Sponsorship Insider, as well as the library of numerous off-the‐shelf reports produced by SportBusiness.

In addition to the existing intelligence owned by SportBusiness Group, SportBusiness Intelligence collates information through its own extensive network of contacts, built up through over 15 years of involvement in the industry, and by liaising with our in‐house analysts on a regular basis who are regularly researching in the market.

To help create successful strategies and solutions for our clients, SportBusiness Intelligence also draws on a worldwide network of independent consultants, all former C‐suite executives from rights holders, broadcasters and agencies, who now work actively in the market. The broad range of expertise amongst the consultants allows SportBusiness Intelligence to adapt a tailored approach to meet each client’s specific needs.

Decision support

Working closely with its clients to understand the nature of their business and the issues they face, SportBusiness Intelligence delivers tailored, actionable intelligence, designed to inform decision-making to the highest level.

SportBusiness Intelligence has worked with rights-holders preparing to market their international audio-visual rights, providing key market data including:

  • overviews of market dynamics
  • analytical profiles of the main sports content buyers
  • trend analysis of historical rights fees for similar properties
  • regulatory considerations

SportBusiness Intelligence also has vast and varied experience working with content buyers, such as established broadcasters looking to diversify into sport, or new entrant broadcasters looking to build a business around sports rights.

Acquiring top sports programming is very complex. There is no magic formula for valuing sports content and with rights-holders’ increasingly higher financial expectations and sophisticated sales strategies, it is a risky business which can be very expensive.  SportBusiness Intelligence provides comprehensive, cost-effective insight and assistance for media companies looking to acquire audiovisual sports rights.

In addition to providing market intelligence data, SportBusiness Intelligence also offers clients further support in its decision-making through its strategic advisory services, tapping into the knowledge and expertise of its network of consultants.

Whether it be a broadcaster requiring strategic advice on building a sports content strategy, an agency requiring an independent audit, or a rights-holder considering how to package its rights for maximum return, SportBusiness Intelligence supports its clients through the complex decision-making processes involved.