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Essential fan data

Exclusive figures on sports fanbases and sports media consumption habits in 13 major markets.

What is FanTracker?

Fan Tracker is a new set of data tools from SportBusiness Group. It encompasses two separate products: one containing data on the popularity of different sports and sports properties, and a second on how sports fans are consuming sports media. In each case, the data covers 13 major markets: Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Great Britain, India, Italy, Japan, Russia, South Africa, Spain and the US. It was generated via surveys conducted in each of these markets by our research partner, SMG Insight.

Fan Tracker: Sports and Properties

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Includes data on:

  • The size of the fanbases for major sports and properties – covering 105 sports and properties in total across the 13 markets.
  • The size of the male and female fanbases for each sport/property.
  • The size of the fanbases among different age groups for each sport/property.

Fan Tracker: Media Consumption

    Includes data on:

  • Media platforms used to consume sport, including conventional TV, internet-connected TV apps, smartphone, computer/laptop, and more.
  • How frequently these platforms are used and how many hours per week are spent consuming different types of sports content on them.
  • Sports pay-TV ‒ how many people subscribe to such services, reasons why people cancel their subscriptions, and more.
  • Social media ‒ what platforms people are using to consume sport, what types of sports content they are consuming via social media, and more.
  • Second screens ‒ the activities that people undertake on second screens while watching sport
FanTracker Screen Example

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