March Madness

Governing body to investigate how facility plans differed so greatly for men's, women's basketball tournaments

Return of tournament after last year's cancellation creates pent-up demand

Governing body sets provisions if teams must vacate due to Covid-19

The National Collegiate Athletic Association has announced it is planning to stage its entire men’s basketball tournament at a single-city location in 2021 to mitigate the risks of the ongoing Covid-19 p…

Governing body says there are no plans to deviate from current format

Idea would expand national tournaments to nearly 350 schools

Bob Williams investigates how the University of Maryland, Baltimore County is working to ensure its first-in-history victory over top seed Virginia in last year’s NCAA men’s basketball tournament is more than an ephemeral high.

Hosting March Madness finale will cost MSFA nearly 12 times the amount to stage 2018’s Super Bowl LII Two large events at US Bank Stadium secured on back of $5.2