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The Centre for Sports Business at The University of Liverpool Management School’s MSc online programme delivers a comprehensive syllabus with the challenges of tomorrow in mind.

SportBusiness invites you to a Masterclass at Sportel Rendez-Vous Miami on Tuesday, May 9, at 2:00pm local time.

SportBusiness invites you to a Masterclass at Sportel Rendez-Vous Miami on Tuesday, May 9, at 9.50am local time

National Basketball League commissioner Jeremy Loeliger explains how a long-running partnership with WSC Sports has played a central role in the Australian competition’s digital growth strategy.

Ticketmaster’s tournament ticketing offering is catering to changing fan behaviours in the sports industry.

Judd Goldstein, head of sports fan engagement at Genius Sports, explains how sports have an opportunity to take ownership of the fan journey and fuel monetisation with the latest data-driven technology. 

Andrew Quinton, Solutions Technology Principal at BT, says it’s time for stadiums to use technology to revolutionise user experiences

The use of personalisation in sport is set to shift up a gear in 2023, and as Sportradar Strategy Director Mike Falconer explains, technology is enabling the industry to facilitate this transformation.

Sport faces a significant challenge to attract and retain viewers, especially in an increasingly fragmented media landscape in which there is no such thing as a ‘typical’ fan.

Singapore's appointment as host of the IOC's Olympic Esports Week characterises the city's ambitions to stage the next generation of technology-driven sports events.

A vintage year for sport - that's the verdict on 2022

Ohio University’s Professional Master of Sports Administration (PMSA) has gained a global reputation as one of the field’s most valued academic offerings. Kelley Walton, Director of the PMSA Program, tells SportBusiness how connections, as well as educational learnings, provide an enormous benefit to graduates.

LaLiga’s recently established joint venture with Dubai-based Galaxy Racer will provide a launchpad for future growth in a region that is home to a large number of young people.

Sportradar is introducing game-changing fielding data into the cricket narrative, carving open a new dimension for fans, broadcasters, coaches and administrators.

Having established solid foundations for international growth through the establishment of its Global Network over five years ago, LaLiga’s expansion into new markets is gaining momentum, as international director Octavi Anoro explains.

Capital Sports Media chief executive Tim Mangnall offers his perspective on the key lessons learned during a rollercoaster first three-quarters of 2022, and how sports clubs and rights-holders can maximise the engagement opportunities presented by digital assets.

Many miles from the bustling metropolis of Brisbane, rural Queensland is providing a surprisingly adaptable platform for eye-catching sporting events.