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Edmonton’s sustainable approach has built a ready-made infrastructure to provide visitors with a memorable experience.

Edmonton has established a reputation as a reliable host of major sporting events over the years, with a passion for sport that helps to define the city’s identity.

The impact of football’s biggest tournament on the development of the sport in the city, region and Canada would be significant, given previous successful Fifa events.

Super League Triathlon is set to expand the Arena Games concept after a successful launch last year.

With live events coming back, it is the right time to find out exactly how much things have changed, and how all of this reflects on your business. For this, you need recent and accurate data to analyze and understand

The social audio sector has enjoyed unprecedented expansion over the past year. However, what are the implications for sport?

Ahead of Euro 2020, Paul Murphy, Uefa digital image expert, and Paul Gilham, Getty Images senior director, describe the relationship between the governing body and its official photographic agency, and how this year’s event will set new benchmarks in the speed of image delivery

Developing your own social audio or social video layer provides numerous monetisation opportunities during sports coverage, whilst giving fans the control they crave. In association with Agora.

Sportradar has supported the launch of the Korea Professional Football League’s new over-the-top platform, K League TV, providing free live and on-demand coverage of all matches from the K League 1 and K League 2 divisions, as well as behind-the-scenes content, highlights and interviews.

Fans follow your games on TV, come to stadiums (when they can), read about your club in the papers or online. But how much do you really know about them? Actually, more than you think. The real question is how can you benefit from this knowledge.

Australia’s Sunshine State successfully staged numerous top-tier sporting events during 2020, adding momentum to its long-term hosting credentials.

A variety of innovative real-time engagement features can support rights-holders and broadcasters that deliver sports content to increasingly demanding fans who are seeking tailored viewing experiences

LaLiga has expanded its partnership with Twitch by engaging online influencers to deliver alternative match commentaries to new generations of Spanish football fans across the globe. The early results are encouraging for LaLiga, its content creators, and the digital service

Anatoly Vorontsov, CEO and founder of Moscow-based streaming platform Sportrecs.com, describes how the company is working with sports rights-holders to monetise their content

Getty Images has formalised its relationship with Formula 1, becoming the Official Photographic Agency of the motorsport. Adam Crothers, head of digital media rights at F1, explains how the deal will help it to improve the sport’s photographic distribution