Kevin McCullagh, Asia office

This second annual survey of global sports media consumption by Perform, KantarSport and TV Sports Markets confirms many of the trends highlighted in the first report in 2011 and brings into even sharper focus some of the changes in consumer habits that anybody working in the sports media industry needs to be attuned to.

Producing sport for television and other video platforms is an increasingly complex business. In this report we look at the latest developments and trends in the sector, including how productions are planned; camera technologies; the journey from SD to UHD, via 4K and 3D; the challenges of outside broadcasting; and much more. Read the full report here on-screen using our page-turner.

FIFA ExCo member Lydia Nsekera, one of the sports industry’s most powerful women, tells Elisha Chauhan the secret to her rise in the ranks of international sports administration.

SportBusiness in Numbers provides valuable, exclusive data and insight on the sports industry from top research consultancies across the world. It covers data in sports finance, sponsorship, events and media rights. The seventh edition was published in November 2013.

Italy has more laws on its statute books than any other European country but Italians are famous for considering them to be mere suggestions, polite recommendations, even paternalistic forms of advice, rather than binding rules...