Sports Matters Academy | Leadership Matters

The president of World Athletics and non-executive chairman of agency CSM Sport and Entertainment, Lord Sebastian Coe, appeared on Sports Matters Academy last week for a session on leadership within the sports industry.

The discussion covered topics including:

3:05 – Reflections on how the sports industry weathered the pandemic period, including positive outcomes and most surprising moments

12:50 – Biggest challenges for sport today

18:19 – Most significant changes within the industry across his career

23:17 – Specific challenges for World Athletics

28:52 – Communicating the idea that the sports industry can provide serious and credible careers

32:34 – Best and worst careers advice you’ve ever had

36:09 – What’s exciting you about the sports industry


Sports Matters Academy is a free educational content series, produced by industry events organiser Branded, and with SportBusiness acting as one of the main partners. It is aimed at those contemplating a career in the sports industry, or seeking to advance an existing career. Through discussions with experienced industry experts, the content equips viewers with an understanding of important industry sub-sectors and gives insights into how to develop their careers.

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  • Player Management – 24 May
  • Legal Matters: Basic Sports and Content Protection Law – 9 June
  • The Metaverse Matters – 23 June