Imagen Report: Switched on Superfans

Discover the video strategies winning over modern sports fans

Sport, unlike almost any other form of entertainment, transcends age groups in building communities around teams but there is a growing divide in how it is consumed.

To build a picture of today’s state-of-play, Imagen conducted extensive research with the most dedicated fans of American pro-leagues, the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and MLS.

Our findings indicate a seismic generational shift in fans’ relationship with content.

In this report you will discover:

  • How content preferences differ between Gen Z, Millennials and Boomers
  • What content fans say they’re not getting enough of
  • How much fans would be willing to pay for exclusive content
  • The ways young fans want to be able to engage with their team
  • The impact social media influencers are having on young followers

Download this exclusive report today.

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