Press Release: WePlay launches Playbook to help OTT sports broadcasters capture fan attention and drive ROI

Multi-award winning sports marketing agency releases new comprehensive strategy guide in ‘How To Win’ series titled ‘How To Win On OTT: Strategies For OTT Sports Broadcasters To Drive Revenue & Results’

As a performance-driven sports marketing agency, growth specialists, and commercial marketing experts, WePlay has become the go-to-agency for brands looking to execute highly effective digital marketing campaigns and achieve increased and measurable returns from their marketing investment.

After the success of the critically acclaimed Playbook ‘How To Win On Facebook: Strategies For Sports Organisations To Drive Revenue & Results’, WePlay is now launching the second instalment of its ‘How To Win’ series, focusing on the OTT industry and the challenges it poses for sports broadcasters.

Titled ‘How To Win On OTT: Strategies For OTT Sports Broadcasters To Drive Revenue & Results’, this Playbook combines WePlay’s experience and expertise in working with the world’s leading OTT companies in the sports industry, and serves up a clear and powerful performance-driven strategy guide that will help brands to engage with the modern sports fan and achieve unparalleled results.

In today’s competitive marketplace and constant fight for consumer attention, WePlay recognises the challenges sports organisations currently face, and finds itself in a unique position to comment on today’s digital media landscape having delivered over 300 successful digital media campaigns across the industry.

With a track record of delivering commercial success for the world’s leading sports brands and rights holders, WePlay believes this Playbook provides the tools, tactics and techniques necessary for marketing leaders and sports broadcasters to create strategies that will see them achieve increased awareness of their OTT product, acquire new customers and boost retention.

Luca Massaro, CEO of WePlay, said: “We’re delighted to share the second instalment of our ‘How To Win’ series focused on OTT with sports leaders around the globe. With digital media rights growing at a faster rate than any other area of sports business, the opportunity within the realm of OTT is significant. However, today’s direct-to-consumer sports marketing landscape is fiercely competitive, and capturing attention and driving positive ROI remain the biggest challenges. WePlay’s aim is to help OTT sports broadcasters take those challenges on with our new Playbook, and help them win in this digital age.”

To download the Playbook visit https://weplay.co/howtowin-ott/

Print copies are limited – please email howtowin@weplay.co to request a copy.

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