FeedConstruct unveils basketball data collecting tool at Sportel Monaco

FeedConstruct expands its Live Scouting offering with a new tool for accurate and in-depth basketball data collecting.

The sophisticated industry of live scouting data is driven by the growing demand for real-time facts and figures. With a 2,000+ scouting network and a new data collecting tool DeePro, FeedConstruct’s partners have a privilege of receiving deeper data for basketball matches.

Scout’s interaction with DeePro is what really boosts the speed of data collecting. Our tool is designed to perform via automated hot keys and special UI/UX functionalities which allow the scout to collect and process deep data easier and faster.

Behind the creation of DeePro are the specialists who possess reliably deep knowledge of basketball. With respect to basketball associations, DeePro helps the teams to see the effectiveness of decisions made by coaches and the results of players’ training routines. Overall, our tool takes into account all the intricacies of the game, all the minute details and features in order to deliver reports and game statistics including individual player data.

FeedConstruct has reveal DeePro tool at Sportel Monaco on October 21-23 where all the big names of sporting media industry gathered alongside federations and sports leagues. Among FeedConstruct’s showcase were all key data feed solutions and AJNA, the AI-powered live tracking tool for football. The data feed provider will keep on expanding its scouting network and seeking technologies which will secure the fast delivery of reliable data.

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