SportBusiness Review November 2018

In this month’s issue we cover the following:

MLB – teams pursue local strategies to deal with national attendance struggles

IOC – inside the Olympics’ new licensing programme

JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS – how being ‘London’s team’ boosts their bottom line

NBA –  the league’s betting partnership with MGM explained

NBA (2) – deputy commissioner Mark Tatum on the power and importance of China to the league

FIBA – we remember Patrick Baumann and the World Basketball Summit

NFL – EVP (international) Mark Waller on the league’s globalisation plan

MP & SILVA – from a $1bn valuation to a winding-up order in two years; the whole story

NBA (3) – why the league is breaking all its own licensing rules in South Korea

beIN MEDIA – our investigation into how beIN is fighting organised piracy of its channels in the Middle-East

WORLD RALLYCROSS – how IMG is hoping to plant World RX in the US

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