SportBusiness Review December 2018

In this month’s issue we cover the following:

EUROPEAN SUPER LEAGUE – our deep dive into the commercial and legal impediments to Europe’s biggest football clubs following through on their ever-present threat

GARRY COOK – ex-Man City chief executive positions himself as ambassador between football and esports

FORMULA ONE – motorsport series impressed by the results of biometric tests around race broadcasts

NHL – why the league is scheduling ever more European Games of the Week

ALLIANCE OF AMERICAN FOOTBALL – why legalised gambling might make all the difference to the challenger competition

W SERIES – inside the commercial plans of another challenger brand, the all-female motorsport W Series

TITLE SPONSORSHIP – what rights-holders can gain – and lose – from signing over their key IP

SAILGP – Sir Russell Coutts believes his new sailing league can avoid the flaws of America’s Cup and create a new business model for the sport

FANATICS – Q&A with Masanori Kawana, managing director of Fanatics Japan, about the challenges and opportunities of merchandising in Asia.

IOC/IPC – why bundling its sponsorship rights with the Olympics is a ‘huge’ opportunity for the International Paralympic Commmittee

…plus columns from Tim Crow and Richard Gillis.

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